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From sprucing up the front yard, to a complete remodel of the backyard, here at Fence Hut we have the modern styles, colors, and upgrades you'd expect.  Below you'll find our most popular selling styles. We proudly install USA crafted products only! 


White vinyl privacy fence

Our white vinyl fencing offers the perfect combination of high quality and low maintenance you have been looking for. The lightweight design makes for a quick installation and also supported by our limited lifetime warranty. The white finish and ornamental design allows you to easily add some elegance to your home.


tan vinyl privacy fence

With an exceptional variety of different styles tan vinyl privacy fencing is the perfect modern addition. The lightweight components make installation fast. This fence will allow you to add privacy and curb appeal to your home in no time! Solid vinyl panels eliminate gaps and knot holes. Panel follows the slope of your yard. 


plygem vinyl PRIVACY fence

Ply Gem Privacy fence is available in several attractive styles, and can be used for multiple applications: property boundary lines, protection for children and animals, security for pools and ponds and all styles are a maintenance free option. Even your neighbors will love your fence, because our vinyl fence is designed to look equally good from either side.


Wood panel privacy fence

This Pressure-Treated wood fencing will help provide privacy in your yard while staying well within your budget. This panel is made of solid unpainted spruce, and is treated to provide resistance to termites and fungal decay. It can also be stained or painted as you see fit. Double-nailed pickets for added durability. 


Horizontal wood PRIVACY fence

Horizontal plank wood fencing is beautiful and provides the desired contemporary look for your home. Horizontal fence can be customized to match the architecture of the individual, creating a sense of true uniqueness.



Aluminum Fence combines the strength and beauty of wrought iron fences with the rust-free properties of aluminum. They can withstand years of moisture, wind, salt and chlorine needing repainting. This fence will add prestige and value to any property. No other fence will do so much to enhance the beauty of your home, pool or yard. 



Building a fence for your home or business, galvanized steel chain link fencing offers both protection and affordability. This chain link fencing is made of 11.5-gauge steel that has weaving to eliminate sharp surfaces and burrs. Mesh openings make it easy to see through the fence while deterring intruders and small animals from entering your property.