Hiring a Fence Company: The Top 5 Factors to Consider


A fence company with a proven track record is key; and nowadays it's never been easier to research and confirm these must-have credentials. Before the days of the internet, the best hope in finding a quality contractor was a recommendation from a neighbor or an ad in the yellow pages. Fortunately for us, in 2019, a simple Google search can provide most of the critical information we need to make a well informed decision. A fence company's reputation and its commitment to client satisfaction should be evident after reviewing it’s website, customer feedback, social media reviews, blog post, BBB rating, and local accreditations.



A truly reliable fence contractor keeps its clients in the loop from day one.  Having the piece of mind of knowing what’s next in the process is priceless and is rare in the construction industry.  The most common complaints in the industry are poor communication and last minute delays. Once you've paid your deposit, what’s next? Who do I contact with questions?  When is my install date? Do I need a permit? How long does the install take? Quality fence contractors will answer important questions like these before you can think to ask them. If simple questions like these haven’t already been addressed at the beginning of the sale, you might want to think again.



As a potential new fence customer, reviewing the specific details of a contract is important, because often contractors use the, “Fine Print,” to escape their duties to customers when something goes wrong.  As the saying goes, “if something can go wrong, it will.” When issues occur you will be relieved you took the extra time to find a licensed, insured and well reviewed contractor who stands behind their work and reputation.  From cracked irrigation pipes to property line disputes, making sure you understand the contract terms, and ultimately who’s responsible for these unforeseen issues, is very important. Also, if your property is located in a neighborhood that requires HOA approval, or permitting, who’s responsible for these additional fees and paperwork? Taking that extra minute or two to read through the contract terms can make all the difference!



The highest quality products and services come from those who are dedicated to their craft and take pride in the final result.  Great contractors take their time and get the job done right, rather than cutting corners and jumping to the next job as fast as possible.  A fence company that trains and employs full time experienced fence installers will deliver the best results. A foreman should always be onsite to oversee the job and communicate with the install team and the customers.  Hiring a fence contractor that’s primarily concerned with paying subcontractors the lowest possible rate to install your fence, might leave you with the feeling of misaligned expectations. The most important questions to ask any contractor you are interviewing is, “Do you use employees or subcontractors for you installs and will there be a foreman onsite?  



Price, is, and will always be a factor. However, to consider price the primary, or only factor would be a mistake. A balance between quality and affordability is paramount. If you've ever made the mistake of hiring a “nightmare” contractor, you know all too well what you would do to never go through that again.  Simply put, if it sounds too good to be true, it most often is and there is something off with the bid or the contractor themselves. When considering pricing, refer back to the key factors in the topics discussed above and ask yourself, what am I giving up for the lower price and how much am I gaining with the higher price?  Often the most important elements of a project are well worth the price increase. The old adage - you get what you pay for - might as well be the slogan in the industry. Considering all 5 factors when deciding on a fence contractor will lead you to choose the company that values your money, time, and home just as much as you do.